Dear fellow parent,


I am a teacher by training looking after our two daughters full-time.

I have worked in mainstream schools and also Special Needs education and since 2002, have been setting up and running groups for young families in Cambridge. In the course of this work, two things became apparent to me. Firstly that the people who know and love a child best, are very likely to be his or her parents. Secondly, that too many parents now lack confidence, support and information to make genuinely informed parenting choices. There is a lot of information out there and there is also a seemingly endless succession of people only too ready to tell you what to do.


This Website is an attempt to set out in one place a brief introduction to the range of educational choices available to you in Cambridge, with links to help you follow up the option which you feel best meets your child's needs.


I wish you all the best with making the choice and also hope that you will receive the unconditional support from friends and family for your chosen path, which acknowledges your crucial and irreplaceable role in your child's life.


If you have any thoughts or would like further information, drop me a line,


warmest wishes,

Karen Rodgers


June 2010