“ A recommendation I just received for one of the most popular of the “Curricula in a box”.


This is our 3rd year of using Sonlight science, history & geography and love it.  The books are of excellent quality, many being Usborne, and some high quality American literature that we would otherwise have not discovered which sit well alongside some British classics such as A Little Princess.  The books are challenging for the age-group, however my child, who is at the young end of the suggested age-range, has loved them.

Sonlight relates history in chronological order, which is helpful for mum & dad who are finally piecing their hotch-potch, school-taught history together!  The 'read-aloud' stories (read to a younger child; I guess older children could read these books to themselves) tend to relate to the historical or geographical topic currently studied.  For example, whilst discovering about medieval times, the book 'Castle Diary' is read - the diary of a page in a medieval castle.

One big advantage of Sonlight is the comprehensive Instructor's Guide (IG) which details each day's work.  There is a separate IG for science.  So far I have covered a 36-week core in a year, but I have heard of others taking longer to suit their own families. They also suggest a number of possible extra activities, though Sonlight stress theses are suggestions only and you should not try to complete all of them! The catalogue can be daunting to start with - I had to approach it as a 'read' on it's own the first year, after that it's much easier to follow, however they do offer an online assistance service and I have always found them very helpful.

You don't have to but an entire Core as it is easy to select what you want - I preferred to use
UK grammar and reader books and a different maths programme.  It can also be helpful to source some books closer to home as postage from the USA can be pricey.”