Setting up a new school


Do you have a vision of what you would like in a school but can't find one  already in existence which matches this vision? Perhaps you would consider  finding some like-minded parents and setting up your own school either privately or in the State sector....

Public Service article and Youtube clip;

Spectator article;

One existing pioneering independent school, set up on parental initiative;
St Michael's, Truro.01872 242123

Setting up a school within the State sector;
The New Schools Network
27 Queen Anne's Gate
020 7222 8666
"The New Schools Network is an independent, not for profit organisation set
up in 2009.
..The Network aims to improve the quality of education - particularly for
the most deprived - by increasing the number of independent, innovative
schools within the state sector. ...
Schools should drive social mobility. Talent and hard work, not background,
should determine success. Yet successive governments - of all parties - have
failed to make opportunity equal in our schools. The wealthy can buy a good
education - paying for private schools or by buying a house in the right
neighbourhood. Others are denied those options. The Network believes that
allowing new schools - accountable to government, but not run by
politicians - will raise achievement across the country. We will help groups
who want to set up new schools, and work to create the conditions which
allow them to succeed....
Our map database is a tool which we use to quickly connect teachers and
parents to other groups interested in setting up a school in their area.
Connecting to local supporters is critical as the more support you can
demonstrate for your school, from as many sources as possible, the more
likely it is to happen. .."

Setting up a private school;
You do not have to hire a consultant, but here is one company which advertises this service to parents looking to set up a school. It would, of course, be wise to speak to some of the company's previous customers before deciding whether you would like to sign them up to work on your behalf.
Cambridge Education;
01223 578500
"Setting up a new school is at one and the same time an extraordinary
opportunity and a major challenge.  It is as much about developing a vision
and winning hearts and minds as it is about developing a brief and working
on detailed design. Strategic vision - what is it you want your school to
achieve?  How will you measure if you have achieved it?  Who should be
involved in developing that vision? "