Private Schools in Cambridge


There are several Cambridge schools in the private sector for children of primary and secondary age. Two Websites which may assist you in choosing a private school are;


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Three of the more unusual Private schools locally for younger children are;
* Heritage school
(01223 350615)
Brookside, Cambridge CB2 1JE
"In central
Cambridge, Heritage is a new and thriving co-educational, independent day school with a Christian foundation. We currently admit children through year 6. From September 2010 Heritage will expand into the secondary level when it starts a Year 7 class, and it will continue growing year to year through the GCSE level....A child is not a bucket to be filled or a lump of clay to be moulded. Every child is a person - equal in worth, dignity, wonder, complexity and basic needs to any other...classes currently average 13 students. No child is labelled or lost in the crowd." Finance, including sibling discount (fees are per term);

*The Steiner school;
(01223 882 727 )
Hinton Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5DZ
Cambridge Steiner School is an independent school just outside Cambridge and is part of the worldwide network of Steiner Waldorf schools. We provide an educational setting for children aged 3 to 11 with a strong ethos promoting a lifelong love of learning... At the Cambridge Steiner School we strive to give children the gift of an education that will nourish the whole life of the child. To this end we educate not only the intellect, but also the child's physical and emotional
intelligence....Through movement, coordination exercises, games, modelling, crafts and handwork, the children develop a connection to their bodies, and skill and dexterity in their hands and fingers.  Music, painting, drawing and stories are a key feature of the way children learn in a Steiner school, feeding their emotional, spiritual and moral capacities. Built on this foundation academic learning can find its place in a way that grows and develops with the child's changing needs."  Class sizes are small. Finance, including sibling discounts; (fees are per year)

*The Phoenix
(08455 331183.)
"Imagine a school where your child loves to spend their time, where they
find learning fun, they love their teachers and your child is cared for and
their education is personalised. A school founded and run by like-minded
parents in partnership with our outstanding teaching team, both with the
same aim, to give our precious children the best possible start in life
whilst ensuring their happiness. Well, welcome to that school, offering an
outstanding education and a loving ethos, the
Phoenix School
Cambridge. Opening in September 2010 in Girton, a revolutionary parent run,
fully independent school for children aged 3 to 7 years with small class
Finance; per term;

More conventional private schools for younger children;

Private Schools 11 to 16

For students 16 to 18; Colleges and also private schools with Sixth Forms