More conventional private schools in Cambridge for younger children;


St John's College School
 founded by
St John's College for the education of the Choristers of the
College Choir.  The twenty Choristers continue to be educated in a school
which now numbers 460 boys and girls aged 4-13. - 01223 353 652

St Faith's School - 01223 352 073 -
"At St Faith's we encourage everyone to become their best selves, and we are
proud that our school provides for the talents, strengths, interests and
needs of a wide variety of children. Our mission is to provide a broad and
inspiring education across all subjects, in a cherishing and supportive
environment, for children up to the age of 13."

King's College School
West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DN? - 01223 365 814?
College School is a mixed private preparatory school in Cambridge,
, situated on West Road off Grange Road, west of the city centre. It
...was founded to educate the choristers in the King's College Choir. It was
opened to non-choristers some time later. In the late 1970s it accepted
girls...[it] is a leading independent prep school with more than 400 boys
and girls aged 4 - 13. "

St Marys Junior School
Brookside, Cambridge CB2 1JE? - 01223 311 666?
"St Mary's
Junior School[is] a Catholic day school for girls, that educates
students from 4 to 11. We welcome students of all religious and
non-religious backgrounds. Small class sizes allow for focused individual
attention. The children are encouraged to question and to investigate and
through our personalised learning approach are given the opportunity for
one-to-one tuition with comprehensive support from assistants."

The Perse Pelican School;
92 Glebe Road,Cambridge CB1 7TD 01223 403940
"Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School for children aged 3 to 7
The best advertisement for our school is from parents and pupils
themselves - we are very proud of what goes on at the Pelican. Our well
resourced facilities are entirely dedicated to meeting the needs of the
young learner and a strong sense of community pervades the school. "

"Sancton Wood is a small, family orientated school... founded on the
principle of small class sizes, research having identified the numerous
benefits of providing the individual attention upon which children thrive.
It opened its doors to 11 pupils [and now has] just under 200 pupils, but
its philosophy remains the same: small classes with excellent teaching in a
homely atmosphere".For children aged 4 to 16.
2 St Pauls Road - Cambridge - CB1 2EZ
"The Nursery and Infant School seeks to provide a warm, caring and
stimulating environment in which each child can develop not only
academically, but also socially, physically and emotionally. Confidence,
tolerance and concern for others is nurtured within small classes of no more
than 14 pupils."
Finance; per term;


Madingley Pre-Preparatory School
for children aged 3 to 7
Cambridge Road
CB23 8AH
01954 210309
"The School's aim  is to provide a happy, safe and secure environment that,
offers the children a broad and balanced  curriculum where they will reach
their full potential.We want the children to enjoy coming to school and to
develop a love of learning that will stay with them for life....Housed in an
original Victorian building with the addition of two new classrooms the
school is set in the heart of the beautiful and historic village of
Madingley. We are 3 miles from the centre of
Cambridge ."

And two not in Cambridgeshire but nearby;


1)Dame Bradbury's School
01799 522348
Parents' information line: 01799 581030
Dame Bradbury's
Ashdon Road

Saffron Walden
CB10 2AL
3 to 11year olds

"Dame Bradbury's is a stimulating, vibrant school. Our children are known
and cared for as individuals and Christian values guide the way we treat
each other. We emphasise traditional behaviour: kindness, courtesy and
self-discipline, yet we embrace change, introducing new technology and
developing innovative teaching styles. One of our main aims is to inspire and
nurture enthusiasms - everything from swimming and science to cross-stitch
and cello. Small classes and individual attention allow each child to
flourish and fulfil their potential."


2)Arbor School,

Bury St Edminds

0 1284 760531

Flempton Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP28 6QJ

For children from 4 to 11 years old.


"Throughout our Lower Prep we use the Montessori teaching philosophy as the foundation for all learning.  We are dedicated to ensuring the children in our care grow to be inspired, independent and inquisitive individuals. We strongly believe that to achieve this, children need a stimulating environment in which to be inspired together with exceptional pastoral care. These two areas, combined with the family atmosphere that runs throughout the school, are what we believe make Arbor the special place it is. "


Our Upper Prep cares for boys and girls aged from 8-11 years old.Subjects and topics covered are in line with the national curriculum, underpinned by the Montessori philosophy.
Our students continue to approach all work with the Montessori skills learnt within the Lower Prep: independent learning, planning skills & problem solving."