“School? Public-sector? Private? Something else?”

Choosing Options In Cambridge Education





How do you decide which is the best educational option for your child?


"When is she going to school?" I think we were first asked that question when our daughter was 2; and the social pressure mounts from there. Once you answer that one, others follow hard on its heels; “Why isn’t she at nursery?”. "Where is she going?" ."Local or further away?". "Public-sector or private?". "Why not mainstream/private?".  Expectations of other parents and of family and friends quickly pile up. Few of us parents have all of the space, information and the support we would like to think through in a dispassionate and un-pressured way one of the most momentous decisions we will ever take on behalf of our children. Here in Cambridge there are broadly five options. To discover more click on one of the links..


1) Mainstream school


2) Private schools.. not all as expensive nor as socially exclusive as they are portrayed..


3) Doing it ourselves. Home education.

As parents, we have the legal right and responsibility to provide our children with an education, but we do not have to do this by sending him or her to school and we are not obliged to do SATS, to follow the National Curriculum or indeed, unless your child has an S.E.N or has previously been to school, to notify the Local Authority. Some of the best home-educators are parents with no teaching certificate, who love being with their child, learning alongside him or her and supporting him in exploring his enthusiasms and interests. Cambridge is a great place to home-educate with its free museums, parks, libraries and with many home-educating local families from all backgrounds who meet up with each other most days, weekly or monthly to share resources, ideas and to forge friendships and a sense of community.


To find out about the Cambridge Home Educating Community Activities List click here;


CHEC list


4)Flexi-schooling; .. yes, part-time school is perfectly legal, provided the child is receiving a full-time education..


5) Setting up your own school.. putting your talents and skills to work to help realise your vision for your children..



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