The Cambridge Home Educating Community Activities List

(the “CHEC” list)


This is a summary of sessions and regular groups in Cambridge which are open to home-educating families and those considering home education. It comes out termly just before each half-term and covers the following term. It includes

weekly Montessori sessions, monthly Arts & Crafts, Science, Poems & Stories, Patterns & Numbers, Milton Country Park dates, Shopping mornings, Resources Swaps, regular Community Singing and also Dancing sessions, a series of sessions at the Museums/ Gardens and at Funky Fun, Swimming lessons, sometimes Forest School activities, almost all regular events which require some ongoing commitment, also access to the Cambridge Home Educator’s Lending Library Service (see below). It suits families who are looking for
regular low-cost or cost- free opportunities for meeting up with other
families and regular events through which to find companionship, support and
a sense of community in a small group setting.
Receiving it does not commit you to signing up for anything, merely to
reading it and replying by the return date. T
o subscribe contact;


Cambridge Home Educator’s Lending Library Service

For those families who attend a regular group there is a lending library service. The range includes many good titles for children on a variety of non -fiction subjects, history, geography, maths, science, reference books, also classic fiction and some beautiful poetry books. Also available for adults are books about education and educational philosophies, child development and various other pertinent topics. Anyone regularly attending a group is welcome to borrow up to three books at a time from those on display. You enter the title and the author into the borrowing book, the date on which the books were borrowed and the date of the group at which you plan to return the book (some time within a month). You then sign the entry, write in your telephone number and undertake either to return or replace it with a reasonable second hand copy should it be damaged or mislaid. Then you return the book to the shelf at the group on the date you signed for.


Also available at no charge to subscribers are various documents likely to be of interest to home-educating families, such as summaries of activities useful for each age group.


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