Many of us in our society have had bad experiences in the past which lie buried and only resurface when parenthood is in prospect. If left unaddressed, these kind of experiences can stunt our ability to be the parent we want to be, the parent that God calls us to be. It is very important therefore, if you are in this kind of situation, to face and resolve these issues with a trained counsellor whom you trust. Your Parish Priest may be able to recommend such a Catholic counsellor.


The following Website (which I have not used myself) has some testimonies from Catholic therapists, which you might find interesting;


Another useful organisation is The Good Counsel Network;

It provides support to pregnant women who are feeling isolated and can also put people in touch with counsellors to help with post-abortion trauma;

Tel; 020 7723 1740

PO Box 46679 London, NW9 8ZT