Gadgets are necessities, aren’t they?


The twelve year old girl I was chatting to, looked at me in amazement and with full attention. “But what do you do without it?” She asked. I had just explained that we no longer had a television set. We had disposed of it a few years previously as we had realised that since we hardly ever watched it, paying the licence fee was a waste of time and an expensive way to gather dust. Although we rarely watched it, the decision proved to be surprisingly liberating. Suddenly we seemed to have more space and time together. But my young friend was not convinced. “We have three” she explained. It was now my turn to express surprise; “What do you need three for?” I asked. “Well, you see,” she went on, “When I get in the evening, my Mum is watching one, my Dad comes in later and has his dinner in his room watching another and so I have to have one in my room while I ‘m eating my dinner. So you see,” she added in triumph “we do need three!”. Indeed.