We have used a mixture of washables and environmentally friendly disposables (as far as any disposables are, that is!).

We found prefolds a trial and after two and a half years battling with them, reverted to disposables. I have heward good reports of other washables though.

Two brands of disposables which have less environmental impact than conventional disposables are Moltex and Tuschis.

Further information on washables can be found at;



Also, UK Nappy Line gives details of all your cloth nappy contacts whether you want to wash your own or use a local laundry service.UK Nappy Helpline: 01983 401959The UK Nappy Helpline is available from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week including Bank Holidays. We look forward to your call! You can also email us on nappy@wrap.org.uk For more information about Real Nappy Week go to:www.wen.org.uk/nappies