The Joy of God’s Plan(Catholic Truth Society and Luton Good Counsel. £14.95)

“This is a most useful introduction to the Catholic understanding of love, life, marriage and children…[It is] a full pack of resources, including booklets, a power-point presentation and DVD. Its produced by a team of people who embarked on the project because they wanted to communicate knowledge to which everyone has a right; that humans have natural fertility patterns which can esasliy be discovered , that marriage is a life-long bond and the God-given framework for family life. The DVD has couples speaking of how understanding their natural fertility patterns enriched their marriages, and how love grown and develops as we come to understand God’s plan for our families.. I have had young people complain to me over recent years that “marriage preparation” in their local parish or diocese was “simply a lot of slushy talk” with no substance- sometimes the Church’s teaching on sex and fertility was glossed over ..Its time for a change. Here is material that will be of real use as a way forward” (Joanna Bogle, The Catholic Times, Sunday March 4th, 2007)