One GP with whom I had imagined I had a good relationship suddenly one day quite out of the blue started to harangue me. Her theme was “Parents today  For something like 20 minutes, I sat there cowed, very frightened and bewildered without being able to get a word in edgeways. Her theme may have been a general one, but the ill will she expressed towards me as an individual mother, was personal. She concluded by declaring “Parents think they know best…but they don’t!” I looked her in the eye and asked “but if they do not, who does, Doctor?” She avoided my gaze and cleared her throat. On my way out I saw in the waiting room a copy of the latest local NCT magazine in which they had published my letter. It had been written in response to a call in an earlier edition from a nurse for the introduction of compulsory vaccination and had expressed my concern that the medical profession and the government needed to remember that in a free society it is parents who must take this kind of decision. Unknown to me my letter had clearly touched a raw nerve with my GP. Although I had not intended anything personal by this letter, she had clearly felt her power and therefore her personal identity had been challenged by my comments and had opted to react in a very threatening manner. It took me a long while to pluck up courage to visit the surgery again and I made sure it was on a day that this particular GP was not working.