Evangelization is the best service that Christians can offer to heal the wounds of society, says Benedict XVI.

.. "To establish a fully reconciled society it is necessary to begin with Christ, the only one able to definitively offer this grace to human beings," said the Holy Father.

For this reason, the Pontiff added, "the work of evangelization is an urgent necessity."

To achieve this goal, Benedict XVI underlined the importance of catechists and priests to "proclaim the word of God to their brothers and sisters."

… The Bishop of Rome insisted on the importance of the formation of the laity so that they can "commit themselves to social life and to working toward the common good."

…The Pontiff said of the laity: "Their involvement in public life, through respect for life, the promotion of justice, the defense of human rights and integral human development, is a witness offered to Christ.

"In this way, the faithful participate in the construction and development of the nation as well as the task of evangelization."