Starting to sing one of the following to a teenager, will of course, in todayís society, likely elicit a cynical grimace. However, if you sing this kind of song to your child from the very outset, it will be come part of them and of their feeling of security and of home. Such songs sung in this way are a powerful means of expressing your love and that of God for your child, and this awareness will stay with them through the teenage years and into adulthood.


Here are some suggestions, but the best song for your child may well be one you have made up (often spontaneously) to a well known tune, specially for your child. He or she will treasure it as something unique that you have given them and in later years it will likely remind them of the time and place when you used to sing it to him or her.


(to the tune of the song from the film Pinocchio)


Jim Jimminy Jim Jimminy Jim Jimm Jeroo,

You are very lovely, how I love you

Jim Jimminy Jim Jimminy Jim Jimm Jeree,

You are really gorgeous, I hope you can see,

How lovely God made you, how very lovely.


(A morning prayer, looking in the mirror);


Thank you God for my lovely face;

For my eyes, to see your world

For my ears to hear your word

For my lips to sing your praise

And smile to show your love;

Thank you God for my lovely face.


(to the tune of Old Man River, a great one when a little one is in melt-down because they have hurt themselves and need a hug.)


Old friend snail, you werenít made speedy

God made you careful, with eyes so beady

You just keep sliding, you keep on sliding along


God made the rabbit to run and scurry,

But donít you worry, no need to hurry, you just keep sliding,

You keep on sliding along.